VS 2015 and Python. Once again.

So this time I got a problem with autocompletion of some extra modules, like os, json etc.

All this modules placed at python27.zip but if I attach this to reference path, VS crashes all the time.

So, here is a workaround.

Install clear python 2.7 from official site to, for example C:\python27

Then copy from C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\devkit\other\pymel\extras\completion\py all the files to C:\Python27\Lib

Switch back to your VS python setting, update intellisence lib and you should be good to go!

Just in case, my search paths for Maya 2017 is here

searxh paths





  • Francois Says


    Thanks for the articles.
    Unfortunatelly, I wasn’t able to make it work.

    For my project, I cannot copy the devkit files into the python folder.
    I have this issue : Intellisense maybe missing for this module.
    I added the site-packages for Maya/lib in the search Path.

    I have Maya 2017 and Visual 2015


    • Michael M. Says

      Hi, Francois!
      Why you can not copy files? You don’t have permissions for that?
      As a guess, I can offer you to add “C:\Python27\Lib” or where your python installed lib to search path, but not sure it will work.
      Please, let me know how it works.

  • Francois Says


    Rebooting and restarting Visual fixed everything.
    To answer your question, I should not rely on the fact that everyone will copy his/her libs inside python

    • Michael M. Says

      Ah, got what you mean. Well, copying libs is only for you for dev purposes. If you check these “missing” libraries from maya script editor, they are available to use. So this is basically VS issue. End user don`t have to copy anything.

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