After a long brake I moved back to my maya plugin, and last time I stopped on adding xml features to it. The previous method of adding lxml to Visual Studio looks  a bit complicated, so here is an another way to add lxml to VS 2015.

All steps are about maya 2016.

First you need to add this register file. It will tell to the windows where is the python. So it will use python installed with Maya, therefore no need to install another copy of python. Then go to site and get the installation file of the lxml for your python version.  To get the version execute this code in Maya.

Maya 2016 comes with 2.7.6 so download lxml-3.4.4.win32-py2.7.exe

After you run it, there will be a window with paths to your python. If something were done wrong, you’ll get an error message “no python were found”. Make sure you’ve imported register information.



You can run cmd and run this command  C:\> where python.exe this will return path to it.

After it installed make shure that lxlm folder is inside  ..\Maya2016\Python\Lib\site-packages\ and not somewhere else.

If everthing were done correctly, lxml should be available inside VS.




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